Vaccine Consultancy & FluConsult

Vaccine Consultancy and FluConsult are independent bioscience consultancy and interim management companies providing flexible services for the development, licensure, manufacturing and business development of biologicals.
An extensive network of partners and key opinion leaders can facilitate the professional support that both Vaccine Consultancy and FluConsult can provide to fulfill your needs.
Vaccine Consultancy and FluConsult have a global coverage and work with companies all over the world, e.g. Europe, United States and Asia.

Vaccine Consultancy

Vaccine Consultancy covers all biologicals, e.g. human & veterinary vaccines, bacterial & viral products, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, allergy products and immunotherapy in oncology.

  • Do you want to initiate, speed up or optimize the product development or manufacturing of your biologicals?
  • Do you need managerial support for certain aspects of your pivotal company processes?
  • Do you want to strategically position your product in the market or in/out-license technology?
  • Do you need help solving technical problems and/or critical-path issues?
  • Do you want to enter the clinic or license a product?

Vaccine Consultancy can provide the support you need to accomplish your goals!


FluConsult has a main focus on influenza vaccines and influenza therapeutic products.

  • Do you want to introduce new technologies into the influenza vaccine field?
  • Do you want to get more insight into the latest trends and developments of influenza vaccines?
  • Do you need regulatory support or advice?
  • Do you need support for quadrivalent, universal or recombinant influenza vaccines?
  • Are you interested in the differences between egg- and cell-based influenza vaccines?

FluConsult can provide the support and troubleshooting you need by scientific and technical advice.

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